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3rd Reich: Evil Deceptions

In the 1930’s an entire nation was brainwashed. It was manipulated by masters of propaganda and the arcane arts. The result was the deaths of millions of people. They created a messiah, a god on Earth. His name was Adolf Hitler and he would become the greatest master of manipulating the hearts and souls of mankind in recorded history. From mass hypnosis to blatant propaganda, from control of the media, to eradicating the opposition, all methods were employed. This is the story of how that apocalyptic agenda was brought to fruition and the methods used to control the minds of men, women and children. This is the story of Nazi Propaganda. “Insightful and well researched.” – United Media Network. “The true horror of the Nazis revealed.” – Extreme DVD. “The advent of manipulative advertising as we know it today.” – Flatlands.

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