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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1 Episode 6

Hoping to bury an unsightly telephone wire dangling over their yard, Larry and Cheryl befriend a pair of bizarre neighbors who must approve the burial. The husband is an incompetent lawyer but a big Seinfeld fan, so to appease him Larry arranges to have Julia Louis-Dreyfuss come for a visit. But when the actress arrives, the lawyer is missing; he’s been hired to defend Jeff in a case involving a destructive kid Jeff sponsored for a Fresh Air Fund camp. At Larry’s house, Julia ends up buying a bracelet from the lawyer’s wife — the same kind Larry wanted in episode 4 — only to later accuse Larry of stealing it after he buys a similar one for Cheryl.

Episode Title: The Wire

Air Date: 2000-11-19


//image.tmdb.org/t/p/w300/7sMTNc4RJUW6KKXP1v8E2FUBd8g.jpg" alt="Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1 Episode 6" />
//image.tmdb.org/t/p/w300/hVKKRGXh5VME9vhp2e2jxPX2YD8.jpg" alt="Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1 Episode 6" />