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JAG Season 1 Episode 19

An evacuation training for a Space Shuttle team ends with a dead pilot caused by a broken cable. Harm and Meg investigate and soon determine that the cable was sabotaged. Harm’s first suspect is promoted pilot Lt.Cdr. Lowry. As this is an important mission (repairing a spy satellite monitoring Southwest Asia) it can’t be canceled. And since there isn’t another eligible pilot, Lowry cannot be removed from the team. A training flight with Lowry and Harm on board has a fatal system malfunction – again sabotage. Lowrey can now be crossed out but the person responsible for these incidents must be found as the scheduled mission must proceed as planned. It is highly possible that there will be another ‘unpleasant surprise’ to stop this mission. Locations: AFB Vandenberg; Space

Serie: JAG


Episode Title: Recovery

Air Date: 1996-11-08


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