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JAG Season 3 Episode 21

Members of the JAG team encounter resistance from Navajo tribal elders when they insist on DNA testing to verify that human remains are those of heroic Navajo “”code-talker”” Jimmy Blackhorse, who has been missing since World War II. Forensic pathologist Lt. Cmdr. Teresa Coulter joins Harm and Mac on the case.

The Navajo elders consider it a sacrilege to tamper with the remains of the dead and, furthermore, the Navajo medicine woman is certain that the remains do not belong to the esteemed Blackhorse. While the veracity of scientific evidence is argued against that of tribal custom and the metaphysical, Teresa finds herself falling for Harm and putting the entire assignment in jeopardy.

Serie: JAG


Guest Star: , ,

Episode Title: The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse

Air Date: 1998-04-28


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