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JAG Season 5 Episode 15

At the request of Lt. Cmdr. Brumby, Admiral Chegwidden sends Harm and Bud to Australia to represent a U.S. Naval officer, Kevin Lee, who has suddenly surfaced 28 years after being “”murdered”” by an Australian sailor. Lee contends that he accidentally killed his Australian nemesis years ago and, in a panic, exchanged identities with the dead man.

Now, charged with both deserting and murder, Lee is to be tried in an Australian court, pitting Harm against Brumby. Harm and Brumby are also about to go head-to-head outside the courtroom when Mac appears in Sydney and Brumby decides it’s time to make her choose between him and Harm.

Episode Title: Boomerang (1)

Air Date: 2000-02-08


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