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JAG Season 5 Episode 20

Mac prosecutes a SEAL jumpmaster is charged with causing the drowning death of a trainee during a parachute mishap by being hung over and is defended by Bud, assisted by a new female Lieutenant who is very ambitious, wanting to be the first female JAG.

Bud & Lt. Singer discovers a safety file that is inadmissible in court that supports the prosecution’s contention that the jumpmaster was impaired. The file mysteriously winds up in Mac’s car and she thumbs through it. After conferring with Harm who tells her what she already knows, she burns the file. But during questioning court, Lt. Singer objects that Mac is basing her argument based on the file, which Bud reluctantly agrees. Mac is charged with prosecutorial misconduct, removed & replaced by Harm.

Having been chewed out by the Admiral, she takes some leave & heads to spend time with Mic in Australia, running into the Admiral & Dr. Walden who are taking their own weekend ‘trip’.

Harm makes clear to Lt. Singer that whoever setup M

Episode Title: Drop Zone

Air Date: 2000-04-04


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