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JAG Season 6 Episode 6

Mac is assigned to represent an Arab princess not only at an INS hearing but also before an Islamic court, when the woman elopes with a Naval Petty Officer who is accused of smuggling her into the United States.

When AJ talks to Dr. Walden about what happened to his car, she is appalled that AJ would accuse her son of impropriety & terminates their relationship. Danny Walden is quite smug to AJ that he had been able to break them up — which will come to haunt him later. With his car still being held by the police, he is dismayed with driving a rental car.

Harriet goes into labor 4 weeks early and a seemingly positive childbirth turns sour when it is discovered that the baby’s head is pressing against the umbilical cord cutting off blood supply to the baby and her doctor (Dr. Gettis) is nowhere to be found. As another doctor steps in, Harriet is wheeled to the operating room in an attempt to save the baby. However, even after the arrival of Dr. Gettis, the medical staff was unable

Episode Title: The Princess and the Petty Officer

Air Date: 2000-11-14


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