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King of the Hill Season 10 Episode 10

Buck Strickland embarks on a propane price war with Thatherton and two other rivals, and hires the guys from “American Chopper” to boost sales at the Propane Expo. When the ‘war’ goes too far, and the companies are all losing profit, Hank takes matters into his own hands, and calls a meeting. Unfortunately, the owners decide to ‘price fix’ and get caught. Meanwhile, Lucky and Luanne wait for Brownville Station tickets, in line 6 days before tickets go on sale.

Episode Title: Hank Fixes Everything

Air Date: 2006-04-02


//image.tmdb.org/t/p/w300/lWfVGZdfkPXQvDr5aGJnRn8LVgH.jpg" alt="King of the Hill Season 10 Episode 10" />