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The Ref

Caroline and Lloyd really are a married couple always at one another’s throats, masters in crafting acid-tongued barbs in the other’s cost. Really, they’re so obsessed with every other they never cease — not at gunpoint. The gunman is Gus, a burglar on the run by law enforcement, who kidnaps the bunch as an insurance plan, intending to use their property as a hideout. However, their incessant bickering shows over Gus bargained for, pushing him — for the sake of his sanity — to the unenviable role of peacemaker. To make matters much more difficult for Gus, he finds he has accepted the few hostage the night in the big Christmas celebration, and the guests have been on the way. Not trying to leave Lloyd and Caroline unattended, Gus chooses to attend the celebration, pretending to be the few union counselor. This obviously contributes to a run of comic confusions, since the hostage tragedy and marital worries head to their inevitable end.

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 6.9

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