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Two Face: The Grey

In 2017, Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek announced that his forthcoming documentary, Sir Noface, would feature the world’s first authentic footage of a full-body apparition, as documented by Sydney investigator Craig Powell during the only paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government. But after the release of Sir Noface, viewers around the world claimed that Powell’s footage was not an apparition, but a misidentified extraterrestrial alien “Grey”. As crazy as this may seem, Calek had secretly expected this response, as he and Powell had both experienced threatening encounters that suggested the potential of extraterrestrial involvement on a government scale. As the sequel to the Sir Noface documentary, Two Face: The Grey is the continuation of the investigation into the most compelling paranormal case in history, which reveals global implications that Calek and Powell could have never imagined.

Genre: Documentary



Duration: 103


IMDb: 6.1