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Whispering Corridors

While exploring the faculty documents, the fearful teacher Mrs. Park startles and calls that the youthful educator Eun-young Hur, telling her which the dead person Jin-ju Jang goes back. The lineup expires and Mrs. Park is assaulted and murdered by a ghost. On the morning after, the adolescent Jae-yi Yoon begs for the buddy Ji-oh Lim, that has the power to predict the spiritsand they start a friendship. The aggressive Mr. Oh, a.k.a. Mad Dog, is the replacement for Mrs. Park and adopts Ji-oh to paint also compares this performances of the fairly So-young Park along with the bizarre Jung-sook Kim, increasing a barrier between the two former friends. Miss Hur overlooks her former buddy Jin-ju, who committed suicide, and while attempting to contact her, she also discloses a dark mystery about the last of her buddy and Mrs. Park.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 6.1

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